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Quality Text Based Approach to writing

At Pinehurst Primary School we use a Quality Text Based Approach to teaching writing from our Early Years to our Upper Key Stage Two classes. This approach uses the reading into writing process and is centred around the promotion of reading and writing for pleasure. We provide our children with many opportunities to write for a variety of audiences and purposes.

It is our intent to inspire our children’s writing through the use high quality texts, both fiction and non-fiction, by a variety of authors. These text choices provide many opportunities for children to develop skills and knowledge across the wider curriculum as many of text choices have cross-curricular links.

With our high-quality text at the heart of our English curriculum, we support our children in exploring the meaning of challenging vocabulary and encouraging the use of this new vocabulary not only within their writing but also in their daily life.  


At Pinehurst we use Read Write Inc handwriting in our Early Years and year one classes. We introduce our children to The Nelson Handwriting Scheme within year 2 and continue this throughout Key Stage 2.


Spelling is taught through the use of the Read Write Inc. Phonics and Read Write Inc. Spelling programmes. Throughout these programmes our children are taught spelling rules and how to use the complex speeds sounds chart to support in writing unfamiliar words.