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In Music lessons at Pinehurst the children experiment with voice, instruments and composition and become familiar with a variety of musical forms, genres, instruments and styles. We follow the Charanga musical curriculum for our lessons throughout the school which introduces children to a range of different genres including reggae, funk, rap and soul. Our lessons are active and exciting- we clap along to the rhythm and beat of the music, discuss our opinions on it as a class and identify the different instruments we can hear in each piece.

Our musical skills will also be developed in other areas of the curriculum- studying song lyrics and rhythmic poetry in reading lessons, exploring sound in science and creating electronic music in computing. 

Children at Pinehurst benefit from a specialist music teacher from Resonate Music Hub. Miss Neville-Evans will be teaching at Pinehurst one day per week this year and will focus on one class from each year group per term. During these lessons children will learn to use a range of different instruments and read, write and understand musical notation.

Leading Music at Pinehurst Primary School is: Miss L Kelly

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