Art and Design

Leading Art at Pinehurst Primary School is: Miss S McBride and Ms N GarrettArt quote.jpg


Art gives children an opportunity to present their sense of vision through observation, experimentation and illustration. Pupils are encouraged to use their imagination through a wide variety of media such as pencil, crayon, ink, fabric, wood, clay, paper and plasticine. Manipulative skills are developed as well as an awareness of colour, texture, design and dimension. Children study the work and techniques of a range of diverse artists and research art forms from other cultures.

At Pinehurst Primary School we ensure that children in every year group have the opportunity to develop their skills in drawing, painting and sculpture each year whilst learning about a diverse range of artists, designers and architects to inspire their work. At the present time this includes a range of local and international artists such as Anthony Gormley, Barbara Hepworth, Rembrant and Juan Miro. 

The children are encouraged to discuss and share ideas before creating their finished pieces and then evaluating against a given success criteria. 

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EYFS Learning Experiences

Nursery - Collage.jpgNursery -Bonfire night.jpg

Reception - owls 2.jpgReception - owls.jpg

KS1 Learning Experiences

Year 1 - portraits.jpgYear 1 - Sketching.jpgYear 1 - Colour Mixing.jpg
Year 1 - Digtal art.jpgYear 2 - Sketching.jpg

LKS2  Learning Experiences

Year 4 - sketching.jpgYear 3 - Sketching.jpgYear 3 - Paul Klee.jpg

UKS2 Learning Experiences

Year 5 - Cross Hatching.jpgYear 5 - Fashion.jpg

Year 6  - Sketching.jpgYear 6.jpg

Come and explore more of our work via Twitter - #PinehurstArt

The children at Pinehurst have had the opportunity to enter a wide variety of art competitions recently such as the Merseyside Police Black Lives Matter, Royal Mail Hero Stamps and the Dot Art Schools competitions. 

Leading Art at Pinehurst Primary School is: Miss S McBride and Ms N Garrett






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