School Council

School Council at Pinehurst Primary School

At Pinehurst Primary School we have a School Council that aims to be a platform where pupils have the opportunity to have a say and share their views about real school issues. All pupils at Pinehurst are given the chance to voice their opinions about issues that impact on them.

Our School Council is a forum that allows children the chance to develop leadership skills and practically apply British values that are promoted throughout our school. It gives children a real life understanding of democracy and how society works.

Our School Souncil aims to meet at several points throughout the school year to review current systems in place, hear pupils’ feedback and share new ideas.

How School Councilors are Elected

At the start of the school year each class will vote for two of their peers to represent their class in School Council meetings. The qualities of a good School Councilor are discussed in class and the job role is explored. Children can then decide if they would like to stand in the election by putting themselves forward as a candidate. Every child in the class will be given the opportunity to vote for the two pupils they wish to represent them. The class teacher will count the votes and the two pupils with the most votes will become School Councilors for the next academic year.