History teaches children about the past and its impact on the present. The children use historical artefacts and first hand experiences e.g. visits, as well as information books to find out about significant figures, events and periods in history, beginning with their own past and family. This work helps children to develop many important skills including; understanding different points of view, interpreting information from more than one source, evaluating historical information and the ability to learn from past situations.

At Pinehurst Primary School children have the opportunity to dicover a number of different periods of history including The Ancient Greeks, The Romans, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and The Ancient Egyptians. In addition to this they will also explore a number of key historical events. In KS1 children will learn about The Great Fire of London, in UKS2 the children begin to explore World War Two and The Triangular Slave Trade and their impact on Liverpool today.

As with the rest of our curriculum we use the lens of 'Leisure & Entertainment' as a thread for each topic thinking about how this has changed over time.  This year we will also be expecting some very exciting costumed visitors to come to our school and immerse the children int he time period they are studying.

Leading History at Pinehurst Primary School is: Mrs D Rimmer 


KS1 Spring Term Learning Experiences


KS2 Spring Term Learning Experiences


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