It is our intent that our reading curriculum will develop a personal love of reading for all children. Children will become fluent and confident readers whilst engaging with a stimulating range of texts from a variety of genres in both fiction and non-fiction. The children are presented with many opportunities to read for knowledge across the curriculum. Children will develop and nurture the essential skills of word reading and comprehension.


At Pinehurst Primary School we are outward looking and creative in our approach to implementing a high quality English curriculum. Our implementation is developed through secure understanding of the curriculum and subject area.

Quality Text Based Approach

  • We use a quality text-based approach to teach English.
  • It has themes that are carefully woven throughout the wider curriculum.
  • High quality texts have been carefully chosen to ensure a balance of contemporary and classic texts.
  • Links are made to prior learning across year groups and to demonstrate the diverse cultures we have at Pinehurst.
  • We foster a love of books and reading, whilst also supporting our aim of developing children’s vocabulary across the school.

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Shared Reading

  • Teachers model what it is to be a good reader.
  • Children read a variety of extracts, short stories, poetry and non-fiction
  • Children access a text which may be challenging to them individually but through carefully planned activities gain new vocabulary and understanding.
  • Reading skills and strategies are clearly modelled, and discussions help children to deeper understanding of the text.
  • Focused discussions are supported by differentiated questions.
  • Focused comprehension skills are taught
  • Viper type questions are used tocover the key comprehension skills in line with content domains.



The impact of our Reading curriculum on our children’s learning is evident in the progress they make. The children will be confident in their phonic knowledge, learn to love reading through fun but challenging reading activities and be able to transfer reading skills to other curricular subjects. Pinehurst children will have fostered a love of reading for pleasure.

Reading for Pleasure

The children love reading in our newly developed outdoor reading space.

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Reading Ambassadors

The reading ambassadors in across the school have a very important job to promote reading across the school. They enjoyed their recent trip to a bookstore to purchase books for the class library.



Home Reading

All children take home reading books. Children in Reception and Key Stage1 take home phonics books. These books are at a phonetically decodable level accessible to the children.

In addition to phonic books, children in EYFS/KS1 can take home a high quality picture book to share at home. This is a book that aims to develop language acquisition and comprehension whilst continuing to develop a love of reading.

All children that are reading at a phonic level in KS2 (not free readers) take home a phonic book.


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