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Children at Pinehurst Primary have the opportunity to experience weekly Spanish lessons. Language learning in KS2 is now a compulsory part of the National Curriculum therefore each class will have one lesson every week taught by our Spanish specialist and native Spanish speaker, Elba, where possible our younger children will also experience some of these sessions. The lessons are designed to help your child learn in a fun, active and inspiring way and teach skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in Spanish.

At Pinehurst Primary School we encourage all to engage in Spanish speaking as part of everyday life- we encourage all staff to join in with lessons and learn alongisde the children and we aim to display relevant Spanish vocab such as days of the week, seasons and colours around the school to reinforce learning.

Once a year we hold a dedicated 'Spanish Day'  in which children are immersed into Spanish laguage and culture, sample Spanish food and drink, listen to Spanish music and even have a chance to learn some flamenco dancing! This year we celebrated it for the European Day of Languages.




There are lots of opportunities for the children to continue their learning of a language whilst at home.

Use these useful links:

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Leading Spanish and Modern Foreign Languages at Pinehurst Primary School is: Mrs L Burke

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