Settling in, Comforters and Daily Organisation

Settling In

During home visits, staff will work with parents to create a settling in plan which specifically meets the needs of each individual child. These plans will become working documents that can be adapted and changed appropriately; this ensures a smooth transition into our setting.



We discourage the use of dummies in our setting. However, there is some flexibility for two year olds who depend upon a comforter in times of upset and when needing a sleep. We will discuss this with you during the home visit.


Daily Organisation

The focus of the day continues to be on Learning through Play, with a routine that incorporates adult led activities and builds on children’s developing knowledge and curiosity. Our carefully chosen toys and activities promote physical coordination and manipulative skills, role-play and creativity. Children take part in focused and creative activities throughout the day. Children have a free choice of which activity they take part it, the room is well equipped with plenty of resources.

Children are provided with many different activities along with music and movement, song times, musical instrument sessions and outdoor play. Circle time every day is an opportunity to take part in group activities and listen to stories; staff use props and puppets during these times to hold children’s attention and develop their concentration.

Children spend a lot of their time outdoors and have access to a large outdoor area.