Drop Off and Collection

Children come into our Nursery classes through our designated entrance where they will be greeted by the staff. At the end of each session, parents are asked to collect their children from the same door.


Arrival and Departure Policy


It is the policy of Little Pine Cones and Little Acorns to give a warm welcome to each child and their parent/carer upon arrival.

Parents/carers are encouraged to pass their child to a specific member (in most cases the child’s key person) of staff, who will ensure his/her safety, and that their attendance is recorded on the register.

Parents/carers are encouraged to share in a two way flow of information with staff about the wellbeing of their child.  Any specific information provided by parents will be recorded in the daily dairy.

If the parent/carer requests the child to be given medicine throughout the day, the member of staff must ensure that the medicine consent procedure is followed.


If the child is not to be collected by the parent/carer at the end of the session, an agreed procedure must be followed to identify the nominated adult, e.g photograph, description and a password.

The child’s key person will ensure that all their key children’s belongings are together in their bag.

Parents/carers will be given information about their child’s day and the well being of their child.

No child will be handed over to anybody other than the known parent/carer unless an agreement has been made at the time of arrival, or in extreme cases through telephone contact from the child’s parent/carers. The person collecting the child MUST be over the age of 16 years. It is not appropriate to have your child collected by an older child in the school.