Year 3 have had lots of fun this half term learning about different ways of measuring. 

  • We have measured length and distance in mm, cm, m and km.
  • We have measured mass in g and kg.
  • We have measured capacity and volume in ml and l.

We have also solved word problems by comparing, ordering and converting different units of measurment. Here are some ways you can support your child with measurement at home:

- Bake some fairycakes or biscuits. Ask your child to help measure the ingredients in grams using a scale.

- Mix up a 'mocktail' using different fruit juices. Ask your child to help measure different volums of each liquid.

- Measure and track your child's height in cm and m. Compare it to other family members.


Websites and games that can futher support your child with measures:

Capacity Countdown:

Mostly Postie: