Top Tips for Internet Safety

Date: 24th Feb 2020 @ 2:53pm

This half term year 4 will be learning about internet safety and will be keeping a class blog detailing our learning. 

This week we have spent some time exploring the Interland. 

There are four Kingdoms in Interland, each has its own special message about internet safety. 

Mindful Mountain - Share with care 

It is very important to keep your personal information to yourself. You never know who you are really talking to. Only share pictures and videos with your close friends and family. 

Tower of Treasure - Secure your secrets 

Never share your passwords with anyone! Make sure your passwords are safe and secure, try to use numbers, capital letters and symbols in your passwords. 

Kind Kingdom - It's cool to be kind 

Always be kind to people online. If someone calls you names or asks for your information online you must block them, report them and speak to a grown. That could be a family member or a teacher at school. 

Reality River - Don't fall for fake 

Don't believe everything you see online. Pictures can be editored, emails can come from fake accounts and news stories can also be made up. Always check the websites you use have the secure symbol in the webbar.