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We welcome children into Little Acorns the term after their third birthday


We welcome children into Little Acorns the term after their third birthday

In Little Acorns, we have welcomed the new children and had lots of fun. We have been learning all about ourselves, creating self-portraits, labelling our body, finding out what foods we like and dislike and the importance of washing our hands. We have been learning how to share, take turns and follow the class rules. We have observed the change of weather and season. We collected leaves, pinecones, conkers and sticks in our own Autumn collection bags and brought them to school to share. We then looked closely at these objects and created our own Autumn pictures to put on display. We also learnt about the Autumn animals. We found out what they eat, where they live and what they look like. We enjoyed making these animals in the craft area to put on the wall. We made, owls, squirrels, hedgehogs and foxes.

We dressed up for Halloween and enjoyed playing duck apple. We created our own Halloween pictures too. After Halloween we celebrated Bonfire night. We loved watching the fireworks on the interactive board and creating our own paintings of fireworks using a range of everyday tools e.g. brushes, sponges and straws. We covered apples with chocolate and sprinkles and made edible sparkles by covering breadsticks in chocolate and sprinkles too.

We love to bake and help to make playdough. This term we have made shortbread for Halloween, choosing our own spooky cutters and bears for Children in Need. We came to school in our own clothes to raise money for Children in Need.

The children have taken a big interest into police and fireman. We made a police station for children to role play. Following this, the children have enjoyed reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They can now retell the story and act it out.  The children have been looking for Goldilocks to put her in jail for doing some bad things. The children have eaten porridge and tasted different types e.g. salty, sweet and plain just like the three bears. We look forward to sharing more traditional tales and exciting activities.