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Below is a brief outline of our curriculum, please click here for a detailed overview of a curriculum. 



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Our Curriculum Design

We provide an innovative curriculum with varied opportunities to allow children to express themselves, with children placed at the centre of the curriculum and their learning. They are encouraged to take on both challenges and ownership in a happy and safe learning environment. We embed this curriculum design through our school motto Experience, Excel and Enjoy.


Curriculum Implementation

The core subject are English, Maths and Science but the children also cover the wider curriculum subjects known as Foundation Subjects :

  • Computing
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Music
  • Design Technology including cookery/food nutrition
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Education
  • PSHE
  • Modern Foreign Languages ( KS2) - Spanish



We ensure through careful assessments, monitoring and planning that the children progress through mathematics and have fun! We aim to provide a maths curriculum that is accessible and meaningful to all children throughout their stages at school. We use 'Maths no problem' to support our maths delivery. We want each child to have a positive attitude towards Maths and have the skills, ability and confidence to deal with all aspects of mathematics in an independent way both in school and at home.


Pinehurst Primary School aims to develop and extend the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening through a variety of approaches and teaching methods throughout their English lessons – We use RWInc to support our delivery of phonics and Literacy and Language to support our English delivery. (These are schemes of work which we use to help guide our delivery)

The children are encouraged to take home a range of books to share with parents as well as to help become fluent, independent readers. The children are able to choose books from the graded reading scheme.

At Pinehurst Primary we aim to make children competent and confident writers who are able to write their own fiction, poetry and non fiction texts. The teaching of spelling and handwriting and grammar are key skills necessary to develop fluent confident writing.

Drama, discussions and oral presentations are used to enhance and develop language skills.


Children learn about a wide range of livings things, materials and phenomena. They investigate by exploring, asking observing and collecting evidence. The children learn to work independently and with others communicating their ideas and findings by using scientific language, diagrams, charts and graphs. We use outside specialists to enhance our science delivery.


At Pinehurst Primary. We have interactive televisions or boards in every class and most intervention rooms. We have a wide range of technologies available, including PC’s, android tablets and iPads. We strongly believe that children learn in a variety of ways and computing can help support children’s learning styles, abilities and love for learning plus it can be incorporated to enhance other curriculum subjects. The Computing Curriculum is delivered through using the Rising Stars scheme of work (inc E-safety).


Through PE children learn new skills, discover confidence, experience teamwork and discover their aptitude and ability to make healthy choices. We provide a curriculum and opportunities for children to be physical, creative and competitive in a healthy way. The children cover a range of physical activities including dance, gymnastics and athletic games. We have a sports coach who assists all physical activities every afternoon and after school. As a school we also buy into LSSP (Liverpool Sports Partnership) who provide specialist coaching one day per week in specific strands of P.E. We dedicate time each half term for the children to take part in intra school competition and take part in a wide range of sports competitions within the local area.

Design and Technology

Children are provided with opportunities to stimulate their creativity and imagination through the design process and the evaluation of their final product. Children use a variety of tools and materials to develop their own skills and so develop a rounded individual. Within Design Technology we offer children the opportunity to cook on a rotational basis. There are Design and Technology food projects for each year group as well as cross-curricular food projects.


At Pinehurst Primary school we bring our history topics to life through the use of interactive work and using the topic to link in with other subjects. We use appropriate visits to places within the local area to enthuse children and ensure the have a good historical knowledge using all the strands within the history national curriculum.


At Pinehurst Primary we use our local area to enhance our geographical enquiries and the skills that are required. We use the Oddizzi scheme of work to support our Geographical delivery.


We strive to provide an enriched and creative curriculum, art being just one of the ways this is achieved. Visits to local galleries, workshops and visits by professional artists inspire and enhance the children’s learning.


At Pinehurst Primary School, we use Charanga to support our music delivery. This allows the children to experience a variety of musical experiences from many different cultures.


Religious education helps children to develop a framework of values and as we are a community school religious education also helps to develop an understanding and interest in other religions and ways of life. At Pinehurst Primary we respect and value the beliefs and values of other races and religions and embrace all into our school community. The children are introduced to a variety of different religions such as Christianity and Hinduism. We follow the Liverpool RE scheme.Coaches

We do have strong community links with the church and hold events at the local church, St Columbus, with many of our children having visited the church.


Children are naturally receptive to learning different languages and we have taught Spanish across the Ks2, this is delivered by a specialist native Spanish speaker on a weekly basis.


A Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Education runs alongside the Core Curriculum. We foster good personal skills and we believe at Pinehurst Primary, it is important to meet these needs. We are committed to equality of opportunity for all children, irrespective of their race, gender, or disability. We strongly believe that each child feels valued and secure within school.

We promote healthy eating through our Food and Nutrition lessons, healthy snack options and by providing healthy choices during lunchtime. We also encourage our children to be active at playtimes and lunchtimes. The children have access to play equipment to promote physical exercise and fun, alongside Play Leaders and LSSP Coaches. Restorative Practice Mentors are on hand during playtimes to help resolve minor conflicts.

We recognise the talents children have and strive to provide challenges. The children are given learning experiences that match their need in terms of pace, depth, challenge and individual learning style. We have close links with the local high schools (NLA, Alsop, Notre Dame)

At Pinehurst we use a mindful approach to PSHE through the Jigsaw Program. Jigsaw brings together PSHE Education, emotional literacy, mindfulness, social skills and spiritual development. A variety of teaching strategies are used and are mindful of each child’s preferred learning style. Jigsaw is designed as a whole school approach with
all year groups working on the same theme (Puzzle) at the same time. For further information on Jigsaw, please refer to the Parents' Information Leaflet in the Parents' Section.

To enhance our PSHE some of our children are involved in the 'Positive Futures program' and attend workshops with LFC Foundation. 


Children at Pinehurst take part in a variety of activities such as; Bikeability (Y5), sports competitions, residential trips (Y5/Y6), outside speaker visits, themed days, food nutrition sessions, strong links with local high schools, charity events, school enterprise, visits to the theatre, educational based visits, enrichment activities and many many more.

Pinehurst is a Restorative Practice school and actively encourages children to 'Talk to Restore'.




We do have a homework policy which is available to parents. The homework is tailored to meet the needs of the children in the year that they are in. The homework mirrors the learning that takes place in school. We strongly believe that homework does benefit the children as it strengthens the links between home and school. We do however want the homework to be fun and a pleasurable time for parents and children. If there are problems or concerns over homework we are happy to help. We run a KS2 homework club please speak to the class teacher to see when this is available for your child.

Curriculum Timetable

Maths and English are taught daily across the school. Science, RE,P.E, ICT, and Languages( KS2) are taught weekly. Some Foundation Subjects are taught as a block across a half term depending on the theme for example Art and Design and Technology, History and Geography.


Curriculum Impact

The curriculum is monitored regularly by Senior Leadership Team and Subject Leads to ensure:

  • Depth of coverage of all subjects
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Careful balance of all subjects
  • Consistent standards across all subjects
  • Engaged, creative independent learning evident
  • Curriculum links to context of school and learner
  • Accurate assessment for learning
  • Impact on standards and progress for all learners
  • Feedback moving the learning forward


For further information and specifics on each subject please visit the relevant subject page - here you will more in depth information about each subject. This can be accessed by the  'learn more' tab, curriculum then select the relevant subject.

Please find below the interim long term topic title plans for each subject - this is for the transition year from a form and half school to a 2 form entry school - the following will be updated for the 18/19 academic year.

If you would like a paper copy please contact the school office.

Our yearly foundation subjects are allocated into a block either term by term or half term by half term. This allows the children to explore the subjects further helping them build on their previous knowledge.

We also have specific topic days identified in the school calendar where we spend the day exploring a specific topic.

We offer a broad ranging curriculum adapting to the children's needs and interests where appropriate - please visit our school twitter @pinehurstp for deeper insight into our school life.

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 Please click on the links below to identify the topic titles your child will be exploring throughout their school year. 

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Please Click here to see the end of year expectations for your child's year group. 

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