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 The Governing Body help the school to improve further by challenging the school staff to think about aspects of the school life. Our Governing Body meet once every half term. If you have a question for the Governors, email the school office and it will be passed to them.


Pinehurst Instrument of Governance 


Our current Governing body members are :

Pinehurst Primary School Anfield







If Spaces are shown in the table below, this indicates places within the constitution which can optionally be filled.  Where Vacancies are shown this indicates places within the constitution which should be filled.







Term Start

Term End



Local Authority Governors





Mrs Ros Groves

15 Nov 2017

14 Nov 2021








Co-opted governors





Mrs Laura Burke

01 Sep 2016

31 Aug 2020



Mrs Lynn Colgan

01 Sep 2015

31 Aug 2019



Vacancy (1)





Vacancy (2)















Mrs       Stephanie Tasker










Parent governors





Mr Gary McAdam

01 Sep 2015

31 Aug 2019



Nia Pritchard

13 Jul 2017

12 Jul 2021








Staff governors





Mr David Briscoe (Observer)

07 Dec 2016

06 Dec 2020



Miss Helen Wareing

18 Oct 2016

17 Oct 2020







 * - Correct as 1st September 2018. Attendance at each meeting is recorded in the minutes (available to view)
  • All Committees are now a part of the Full Governing Body meetings
  • Only Cllr Groves has a governance role in another educational establishment
  • Governors were re-appointed when the Governing Body was reconstituted on 1st September 2015
  • Other Governors have joined subsequently and the date is recorded above.
  • The Chair and Vice-Chair were appointed through a vote of the Governing Body

Dates of Governors Meetings for academic year 2017-18 :

Autumn Term -

Thursday 28th September 2017 Full Governors-AGM  5:00 pm

October 2017 Governor workshop 8:00 am

November 2017 Governor workshop 8:00 am

December 2018 Full Governors

All dates are to be arranged at the AGM

 Spring Term-

 January 2018 Governors Workshop 8:00 am

February 2018 Full Governors

 March 2018Governors Workshop 8:00 am

April 2018 Full Governors 5:00 pm

Summer Term - 

April 2018 Governors Workshop 8:00 am

25th May 2108 Full Governors 5:00 pm

June 2018 Governors Workshop 8:00 am

July 2018 Full Governors - Headteachers Report 5:00 pm