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School Clubs 2016-2017

The School clubs Days, Times and Subjects!!

Monday - 

3:30-4:30: - Sports Alive Year 5 + Year 6 

3:30-4:15: - Dance Year 1 + Year 2 with Miss Kelly 

3:30-4:30: - Year 6 Gymnastics with Miss Ferguson

3:30-4:15: - Homework club 

Dinner Time: - Year 6 booster/ Computer Club

Tuesday -

3:30-4:30: - Year 2 football training with Mr. Timms

3:30-4:30: - Year 5 + 6 Girls Football Traning with Miss Hamilton 

3:30-4:30: - Year 5 Boxing with Mr. Daly 

3:30-4:30: - Code club with Miss Fry (After Easter) 

Dinner Time: - Year 6 booster/ Computer Club

Dinner Time: - Choir  

Wednesday -

3.30-4.30 : - Jamie Carragher (Juniors)


Thursday - 

3:30-4:30: - Year 5+6 Football training

3.30-4.15: - G+T English and Maths 

Dinner Time: - Year 6 booster/ Computer Club

Dinner Time: - Benchball 

Friday -

Dinner Time: - Year 6 booster/ Computer Club

Dinner Time Gardening Club 


Alongside these clubs we also offer: 


Breakfast Club

Pinehurst Breakfast Club is a great way to start the day.

The Club runs from 7:45- 8:45 

The Price for breakfast club is £1 per day however if a breakfast club member's sibling would like to come they will only need to pay 50p. In breakfast club, the children can choose from cereal, fruit, toast, drinks, and yogurts. 

We also play games with the children, read books and then at 8:30 they will be able to go outside on the yard to enjoy some free time. 

If your child would like to attend simply come to our school office and then your child will be let through to breakfast club! 

For any more information please contact the school office on 0151 263 1300. 


Pinehurst Rainbows after school club 

Welcome to Pinehurst Rainbows after school club. 

Our afterschool club runs from 3:30 - 5:30  and during this time the children get involved in a huge range of activities such as Art, Computing, Board games, Indoor games, Outdoor games, Playground games and movie nights. at the start of every session, all children are given a drink and a biscuit. 

Costs- Payment is required in advance to secure your child's place. if however, you have paid and your child does not attend their money will be carried over to their next session. 

1 session  £7.50 (per child per session) 
2 sessions  £15.00
3 sessions 


4 sessions  £30.00
5 sessions  £37.50