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At Pinehurst Primary School we have developed a geography program which encompasses our local environment and beyond!


We have made a geography relevant to the children by drawing on their interests and linking our topics to geographical information wherever possible.

Please see below for the curriculum overview for Geography, we use a scheme called Oddizzi to support our delivery of Geography. Please see this link for more information on Oddizzi http://www.oddizzi.com/.


The delivery of Geography has been developed to suit our context, giving the children the opportunity to explore their local surroundings and the beauty and intrigue that Liverpool  and beyond offers. We believe the opportunities the geography curriculum offers gives a breadth and depth of knowledge which will excite and engage our pupils in developing the geographical skills that children can apply to the real world.

Some of the aspects the children will cover are



Compass directions

Looking at aerial photographs

Compare and contract 2 localities (Anfield Vs Caribbean)

Where in the world is Banaby bear

Local field work

Understanding the make up of the UK

Identifying seasons and warm/cold parts of the world.



Using maps, atlases, globes etc

compare and contrast localities including physical and human geography

Local fieldwork